Lisseth Corrao’s Van Gogh Jumpsuit Collection

Jumpsuits are the fashion rage!

Lisseth Corrao, a celebrity, red-carpet fashion designer, has launched her Van Gogh Jumpsuit Collection. It includes four beautiful designs: Muse, Elizabeth (named after Vincent Van Gogh’s sister), Johanna (named after Van Gogh’s Mother), and March (the month Van Gogh was born). Lisseth’s new collection portrays elegance and beauty while showing off a woman’s curves.

Lisseth CarraoI asked Lisseth where she got her inspiration to design the Van Gogh Jumpsuit Collection. She replied, “I was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, one of my favorite painters since my childhood. I thought his technique and color pallets were the perfect combination for what I was looking for. I was determined to incorporate a romantic, chic and feminine look to these jumpsuits.”

“If you are familiar with his magnificent work, you will see the orange, green, teal, black and navy blue on my Van Gogh Jumpsuit Collection. Paintings such as, Flower Beds in Holland, The flowering Garden, Wheat Field with Crows, Self Portrait, Ravine and Johanna among others. It was an inspiration that I never wanted to end.”

“Jumpsuits are maybe one of the most brilliant clothing inventions ever.”
— India Yaffe, writer for Popsugar

A fashion photoshoot in the park

We had a fabulous team including two gorgeous models—Olia Carter and Sydney Benjamin—both from Envy model agency in LA.

Van Gogh Jumpsuit Collection modeled by Olia Carter and Sydney Benjamin
Designer: Lisseth Corrao; Photographer: Jerome Satinsky; Models: Olia Carter and Sydney Benjamin; Hair, Makeup and Shoot Coordinator: Susie Lauri

In addition, we also had three fabulous photographers—George Arguelles, Eddie Felix and Jerome Satinsky—all working seamlessly together, with myself providing the hair styles and makeup.

The Van Gogh Jumpsuit Collection was recently published in iMirage Magazine, September 2018 issue. Enjoy the slideshow.

Passersby get a special surprise

Designer: Lisseth Corrao; Photographer: Eddie Felix; Model: Olia Carter; Hair, Makeup and Shoot Coordinator: Susie Lauri
Designer: Lisseth Corrao; Photographer: Eddie Felix; Model: Olia Carter; Hair, Makeup and Shoot Coordinator: Susie Lauri

Our shoot took place at historic Balboa Park in San Diego. As the models, were sashaying with elegance into alluring poses, the Van Gogh Jumpsuit’s fabric moved effortlessly in beautiful rhythm to Olia and Sydney. Bystanders were in awe, staring in a state of trance.

What the models had to say

“I really enjoyed wearing the outfits by Lisseth. They felt so comfortable, unique and very feminine. I wore the Elizabeth jumpsuit with high-end, floral print and open back that made conservative look sexy, and the luxurious golden jumpsuit, Johanna, which perfectly matched the amazing architecture in Balboa Park.”
— Olia Carter, Model

According to the August 2018 issue of Vogue Paris magazine, “The popularity of jumpsuits grows and wanes perhaps more than any trend out there…”

“I felt so grateful to be the first person to wear part of her collection. The two-piece, navy blue Muse jumpsuit was my favorite because it had more of an elegant feel. The black jumpsuit, March, was beautiful as well and it was so soft.”
— Sydney Benjamin, Model

Designer: Lisseth Corrao; Photographer: Jerome Satinsky; Model: Sydney Benjamin; Hair, Makeup and Shoot Coordinator: Susie Lauri

We had a fun and adventurous day shooting the Van Gogh Jumpsuit Collection in the park.

It’s a wrap!

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Embrace life,
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Lisseth Corrao  (under construction; Sept.)
IG: @lissethcorrao

Jerome Satinsky
IG: @jeromesatinsky

Eddie Felix
IG: @blackzeddie

George Arguelles
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Olia Carter

Sydney Benjamin 
IG: @sydbenjamin

Envy Model Agency
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Hair, Makeup and Shoot Coordinator:
Susie Lauri

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