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Fashion photographer shooting beautiful model


It’s exhilarating to be on a team where we are all giving 100 percent. Each model, hair/makeup artist and fashion photographer have their own signature style—like a fingerprint, no two are alike.

Glenn Blanco—a filmmaker, photographer and musician—created a beautifully-filmed video for “Evening Gowns in the Evening”, presented by So Cal Fashion Photoshoots.

I asked Glenn Blanco two important questions…

“What was it like for you to film the shoot?”

Glenn Blanco“It was an absolute pleasure meeting the talented models, hair and makeup artists, and photographers. The models were beautiful inside and out, in every sense of the word. Being immersed within the artistic process, I saw to fruition the combined efforts of the talented photographers and makeup artists to produce truly stunning photographs. I feel infinitely fortunate to film, compose and to document this collaborative process, and I’m truly grateful to Tawny Horton for coordinating, connecting and inspiring like minded artists.

Fashion model in the evening lights
Photographer: Tawny Horton, Model: Tricia Wang, Hair and Makeup: Susie Lauri

“How does fashion photography inspire you?”

“I’m inspired, above all things, by people. I believe that inside everyone, for better or worse, is a guarded story, one that defines them. One that is unknowingly shared and experiential. One that truly connects us all. To me, that is beautiful. I fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul, even a fraction of it, and all I can hope for is to put into a frame something that feels close to that.” See more of Glenn’s work—tap here.


Firstly, if the model isn’t comfortable with a fashion photographer it can show up in the photo. Secondly, if the makeup isn’t right, it will weaken the image. And lastly, if the lighting, photography or editing is bad the photo will be compromised. However, when everyone is in sync, true art comes to life.


Videographer: Glenn Blanco
Producer: Tawny Horton
Music: Glenn Blanco
Models: Tricia Wang, Madison Hopkins, Anastasiya Mitr, Marte Fredricksen, Kaitlyn Matzuka, Michele Lowe, Heather Hun and Nadia Ivanovo.
Hair and Makeup Artists: Eva Gomez, Nadia Ivanovo, Irma Yessie Garcia and Susie Lauri


Embrace Life,
Susie Lauri
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