Balayage and the 5 Benefits of this Beautiful Hair Color

Fashion model with Balayage highlights


When applying the Balayage, a colorist will use sweeping motions to paint the lightener (color) onto the surface of the hair. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Biel and Lily Aldridge, all have their hair Balayaged.

A before and after photo of Balayage highlightsThe Balayage vibe is unstoppable—you’ll see it in fashion magazines, social media, on the runway, the red carpet, and is the most sought-out service in hair salons today.

  1. Balayage is diffused at the roots giving a soft and natural grow out.The maintenance is easier to keep up with because there are no sharp lines at the roots where the color begins.
  2. The hair looks sun-kissed and beachy.It looks as if the sun naturally lightened it, and mimics children’s hair color—which is phenomenal looking.
  3. Balayage allows for customized placement.By being able to paint the lightener on the surface of the hair, colorists have so much more control. The result is a full reign of creativity, and the ability to emphasize certain areas over others.
  4. This type of hair color is multi-dimensional, creating natural movement and a youthful appearance.I love seeing a pop of lightness!
  5. You can combine Balayage with foils for better color correction.With the Balayage technique, color is painted onto the surface of hair, while the foil method, the hair is saturated on both sides. This works really well since both, Balayage and foils, can add highlights and lowlights to create depth to your hair.

Stylish haircut with Balayage highlightsDON’T YOU LOVE GOING TO PARTIES WITH A NEW LOOK?

Try some Balayaged accent pieces before going to your festive holiday party.

Since it’s a unique application that requires specific expertise, not all hair colorists can do it, therefore, be sure to check with your hairdresser first.

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on this beautiful and timeless trend.

Main photo credits:
Photographer: Jose Landeros
Designer: Laura Vivian Los Angeles
Model: Julia Offenberger
Hair and Makeup: Susie Lauri


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  1. I liked that you explained that using the technique of balayage to change up the color of your hair will allow you to have your stylist custom place color in specific places to add brightness. I think that having lighter pieces in the front of your hair brightens and frames your face. I am interested in hiring a professional to color my hair, using a balayage technique, to incorporate more brightness to the front of my face.

  2. Thank you for your tip that Balayage is very customizable and leaves most of the control up to the stylist. My daughter is thinking of dying her hair for the first time and she wants something that is different but not too crazy. We will have to look for stylists that could meet her needs!

  3. My sister-in-law wants to lighten her blond hair and needs to choose the best hair coloring method to do so. It’s great to know that balayaged hair has no sharp lines so its maintenance is easier. I’ll help my sister-in-law look for a hair salon that offers high-quality balayage services.

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